Stefan Hans Juntke
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0049.16091057917 Stefan (privat) - Berlin Boenke Welcome to my "antilyric project thomas d, welcome by Stefan Hans Juntke" Private me is looking for normaly lady and woman - free and happy - swinging without pain, where we go, we want, we stay - me is stefan ! is try & clean, me is no smoking guy and me is mandinka musicmanager, yes me is artist and me is incapacitated but alive and randy, horny and trendy - help me, me is crazy for sun and water, mountains and more than a very specialy boenke party, me is call it "boenke mountain baloon fly and drive". Caribik ? Me is the dream maker and "IdeaToolHouse Factory" and you`ve the money ? Financial interest to go the right way for this project ? Okay so we get to looking for me. Invide me, me is coming almost always and me is normaly and funny, me is trouble and free, very free and in a crazy condition of health. Maniac time is for your. Stay here to come to my +49.16095420386 Call me at last to fuck with you lady mouse or me is it always without you ?

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american edit

.......bei Stefan Hans Juntke +49.160.91057917 Brother & Sister Stefano Recook project j.h.S.yxEntertainment Berlin London N.Y.C. Tokio L.A.

Bewerbungen zur Vereinsgründung bitte mit Führungszeugniß für die zeitlich unabhängige Mitarbeit (Stiftungs -,Vereins- und Firmengründung) in meinen Projekten bitte an mich, Stefan Hans Juntke, c/o Juntke, Posaerstarße 12, D 06712 Zeitz, Kennwort: Vereinsgründung Paßwort Mitgliederbereich: jeanetteb2202 aber bitte top secret, Stefan !

.....Management Jeanette Biedermann........

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Art & Chaos

  american edit.


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         My name is Stefan Hans Juntke and I write passionately with pleasure.

         Children's books, song texts, texts, advertising slogans and advertising slogans

         etc. . Young is and innovation feel one side, the things are also to take seriously

         and to be able to understand, to lend imagination wing, to dancing feathers to

         lend some hold, around creativity a chance to give, under circumstances quite an

         other. Around with my creative activity also money turns to earn. I me confidently

         also to you. I would be glad naked, if a spontaneous cooperation would take place.

         A constant one Cooperation would still be more naked. To press something from

         one is very sensitive matter and some one feels fast on them tootsies kicked

         although he closer a monkey than a homo erectus.


welcome to space

                                                 CheoZ is me.

          I form layout offers and special offers for you, you, your company and your

          private party. It concerns around lines, graphics and layouts of ours and the

          last time, the warmth, imagination, joy, humor and fun wake up, feelings,

          curiosity and hot, tender love, the sun and joy give and should wake up, just

          as a technical one essay clarity in, maybe apparently unasked, dark ones,

          unclear areas can bring. Relaxation while reading and light understanding

          have to do theirs mind, your intellect and your souls enrich, theirs humor again

          waters and light give and as a remedial plant for mental recovery allow to

          prosper. The sharp tongue had to go, like the salt and the pepper, the chocolate

          and the lemon, the right synapses touch. I hope, that the Lyrics/prose as well as

          of course also logos and layout, my humor and my imagination to you and you

          this brings what they to me with the writing gave and gives,´because strength,

          confidence, hope and just fun and joy. Very much with pleasure I form, change

          and process to you (Wins over) photos to commercial like to private ones. To

          purposes, slack sound forms congratulations cards, laminates for you what you


          I wake your house club to new life in that flyer creation or loads for you her

          neighbours and business partner to the party one. Prices are momentary matter

          of arrangement and I presents one to you with pleasure especially for you worked

          out offer. I introduce your projects with pleasure, provide presentations and I lend

          school projects with pleasure playfully new ones. Colours, musical pictures and

          impressions. School trip or can celebrate here the deciding one grinding in the

          advertisement or organisation find out.

          Of course we also do layouting your menus and price-lists, introduce her company

          and get to you.

          Need also with pleasure with you.


   Ideas for the in colour of music of materials (pressure) and draughts for T-shirts,

   breast logos, baking logos and - lines or just bake lettering will also to the

   marketing and artistic, impressionistic trip offered how draughts for poster, photo

   wallpaper and floor photos.

   Are also planned the construction by slide shows for different occasions and



          With interest in my works, whether as weekly issue with subject default,

          as a column, as a poem or professional comment, announces to you

          please to me.

          At the moment I create only and thereby it also is able sometimes to

          something longer treatment time arrival. It is worth for all works of course

          the copyright safe law in connection with provisory criminal pusuits by

          offence against specific areas of the UrhG (german law) or against valid

          law of contract. Also the use to private ones.

          To purposes is permitted only to previous Abspareche with me. About

          the reimbursement and shares in profits we are able to do ourselves of

          course maintain.

          At the moment would become all little talers donation project come for

          africa to property. 

          Donation receipt is available on inquiry with pleasure. I remain more fully

          of happy expectation on your affectionate ones from imagination kissed

          quirks and quirks, your creativity, Inspiration and curiosity, your interest

          and pleases me to you to be able to present an offer. I expect after phone

          call or written arrangement yours placing of order and the payment

          entrance on my account with the german bank.

          With new customers precash is always requested. Otherwise on

          calculation after arrangement and under payment from mind. 33% of

          advance. A quotation costs and becomes with placing of order and

          "calculation lapping" with settles. Of cash check become also accepts and

          after validity the product dispatch. They support and accompany with it one

          african project and also me on my way in` see own amusing lives.

          The african project is still in the children's shoes and is glad, like I, on his



          With pleasure you are able to do yourselves with me get in contact, if to her

          in the following project Interest have. I search with pleasure linguistically

          experienced ones. The comrades-in-arms who would like to introduce

          themselves and very in spanish, in french and in english speak. In german

          of course also. One of the foreign language. First-class in english and in

          french knowledge desired.


          "Jesus today"                                       

 You were probably the spinner on top on the cross.

 Your love as a winner, from many denies as a funny owl.

 Hangs forever still on top and never becomes high-spirited.

 Jesus on the cross gives so `see no jobs, finally, comes down.


          Stefan Hans Juntke/Berlin - L.A - L.A.


           Lyric Lyric Lyric    

           I, the love

           I am the love,

           sweet grapes of the seduction.

           am the grief of some thieves,

           fully of heart give I you emotion.

           if only I am, even in myself,

           award and forgive for You.

           I am and love to You everybody

           if mercy, men and ladies knows.

           Let you live and crucifies you

           what you often did to me, even frevliger dagger.

           Inn to You hopes and faith,

           decide with amen

           see peaceful, wise pigeons

           you know my name.



           Stefan Hans Juntke/Berlin-L.A.    

mobile: +49.160.91057917


Yours sincerely and see you soon,

My visitors' book is tearful.

Maybe something has to write one or other time. 

Bitte normale Kommunikationswege benutzen. Art & ChaoZ
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Barschecks an Stefan Hans Juntke, Posaerstraße 12, 06712 Zeitz Vision to develop ourself Stefan Hans Juntke Konto: 444125122 BLZ: 70010080 Bank: Postbank IBAN: 98100100100444125122 BIC: Bei Problemen bitte mich unter 0160.91057917 anrufen. .........sonst sendet es bitte bar.......... 0049.16091057917 0049.16095420386 Eingehende Spenden nehme ich, vorbehaltlicher Rückgabe, gemäß den gesetzlichen Bestimmungen der BRD an. Ich wandle und wasche mich also selbst. Geld als Symbol für Werte und Reinheit zu verstehen ist ein Scherz den man erstmal verdauen muß. Meine Willensfreiheit abhängig von den Wertvorstellungen, Sorgen und Nöten aller anderen. Da lacht keiner ! Diese Diffamanten als Diamanten und Demokraten zu verstehen geht garnicht. Fanatismus ist eben keiner nur weil er auf einer freien Meinung beruht. Recht für alle damit keiner etwas liebt ? Dieser Unsinn ist frei. Unsachliche Kommentare bitte ich dringendst zu unterlaßen. Es bringt absolut keinem etwas sich ohne mein ausdrückliches Einverständniß einzubringen. Dies gilt nur bis zur Schaffung einer Körperschaft im rechtlichen Zusammenhang mit allen Projekten und Homepages mit meinem bürgerlichen Namen. Ich leck Dich schon noch Süße, ja auch am Ohr ! Aber Deine Dolce & Cabana ! Sorry Berlin aber um eben - krass und frei zu sein müßte man mal eben wieder die Kantarre bezwingen, die "Knechte des Teufels". Benehmt Euch, Stefan Hans Juntke - London

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