Stefan Hans Juntke
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Meldet Euch doch mal bitte, man muß kein Geld verdienen !
Ständig Frauen zum Swingen gesucht, Frauen die sich Wert sind und frei sind, Spaß am Sex haben und sich gern amüsieren. Möglichst ohne finanzielle Interessen ! Keine Schwerlasttransporte bitte ! Bin ein konfessionsloser Mann! +49.160.91057917 Danke, Stefan ! Berlin, 03.02.2017
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0049.16091057917 Stefan (privat) - Berlin Boenke Welcome to my "antilyric project thomas d, welcome by Stefan Hans Juntke" Private me is looking for normaly lady and woman - free and happy - swinging without pain, where we go, we want, we stay - me is stefan ! is try & clean, me is no smoking guy and me is mandinka musicmanager, yes me is artist and me is incapacitated but alive and randy, horny and trendy - help me, me is crazy for sun and water, mountains and more than a very specialy boenke party, me is call it "boenke mountain baloon fly and drive". Caribik ? Me is the dream maker and "IdeaToolHouse Factory" and you`ve the money ? Financial interest to go the right way for this project ? Okay so we get to looking for me. Invide me, me is coming almost always and me is normaly and funny, me is trouble and free, very free and in a crazy condition of health. Maniac time is for your. Stay here to come to my +49.16095420386 Call me at last to fuck with you lady mouse or me is it always without you ?

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......come on mouse it`s an offer on you +49.160.91057917